Delivery and Return Policy

Where we deliver

We ship almost everywhere. Shipped directly from our workshop in Ho Chi Minh to the world.

How long it would take

For standard-sized Maani items, the average estimated arrival time is 15 working days, while it is 25 working days for custom-designed sizes.

If your order happens to be in stock, you can receive the item in a fortunate 5 working days, depending also to where is shipped.

If you require a Maani item sooner than the stated time frame, please get in touch with us to expedite the process.

How much it costs

Typically, we use Express delivery for shipping. The average cost from Vietnam is not very affordable.

Recognizing that this cost may be burdensome for many, we have made the decision to share the shipping fees and explore alternative solutions if feasible. So the price that you see in the check out it just half of the total shipping price we really pay.

Also remember that picking the shirts from our space at Saigon – Vietnam, would also be free and we would love to meet you.

How you will know your item is on its way

When your Maani shirt is ready to be delivered, an email will be sent to you informing on this process. Also we will send you the tracking information so you can follow your order in real time.


You can always return a shirt if you don’t like it or the size its not correct, in the natural time of 10 days, we will send you an address in your country to return.

Your satisfaction and good-looking with a Maani is our first concern!