About Maani

Inspired by the Asian style and embracing the Italian clothing culture, MAANI blends these two life experiences together. We create handmade shirts made from high quality and natural fabrics, including cotton,
linen, and bamboo.

Our commitment to quality, style, and sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our mission

To inspire our customers to feel unique and original inside out. We strive to achieve that by bringing effortless italian style to bustling heart of Asia.

Our fabrics

Pure linen

MAANI shirt takes pride in using only 100% natural linen fabric which has been treated to achieve a soft, luxurious texture. We believe that the combination of the natural durability and breathability of linen with the added softness is the perfect blend for creating the most comfortable and stylish shirts.


The fabric we use is a premium quality cotton, which is incredibly soft to the touch, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. The softness of the fabric is further enhanced by a treatment it undergoes during production, which gives it an even softer texture.


MAANI bamboo fabric is carefully selected for its softness, durability, and sustainability. It is a fabric made from bamboo which is blended with a micro fibre to increase the smoothness and silky like texture. The result is a fabric that feels incredibly soft to the touch, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable and relaxed all day long and great for perfect for summer months or warmer climates.


Our denim fabric is the perfect choice for individuals who want to look fashionable while feeling comfortable in their clothing. With its unique texture and appearance, denim has long been a staple of the fashion industry, and our high-quality denim fabric is no exception.

Organic Silk/Bamboo/Hemp

This unique blend of organic silk, bamboo and hemp creates a luxurious fabric that is soft to the touch, making it the perfect choice for an elegant and comfortable shirt.


Extremely soft, luxurious looking and wrinkles free are the main characteristic of this fabric which we use in a colorful and trendy line.

The latest trends in handmade shirts

Discover the new collection of Maani 2023 | Handmade shirts made from natural fabrics.

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